My 1 minute pitch video

Supposedly, we should do our own 1 minute pitch during the last day of the class which was on the EduTechNovationDay. However, Kak Ana said that we didn’t have much time to do the 1 minute pitch because the 2 hour class is just nice for the video project presentations. Therefore, Kak Ana asked us to do our 1 minute pitch in a video form. So here’s my 1 minute pitch πŸ™‚



Week 14: EduTechNovation Day :’)

:’) How I want to describe my feelings at this moment? I’m glad that it’s already the final week of the lecture. Which means we can now present our video project! πŸ˜€ *dancing

our MC (master of ceremony) of the day, Mr. Fuad

the honourable guests who are basically our seniors

*they also went through this phase and did good work last year

a collection of storyboards which every one of it tells a beautiful story

a poster by Bananana Production (my group)

presenting our video. I was excited and nervous, mixed feelings at the same time!

woww look at that, the voting result of our group

It’s the day. It’s EduTechNovation Day. Everyone looks very excited to present their videos, there are so many people in the computer lab during that day because there are additional teaching assistants coming to support us & we also invited a few guests which are our seniors. They did videos too for this course last year. So they came that day and they also voted our videos and at the end, they gave a few comments regarding our videos and our overall work. We are really glad because there are people who willing to spend their time attending our EduTechNovation Day to give support and to see our hardwork. I’m touched :’)

Alhamdulillah, my group mates did a good job, we presented a few information needed so that the audience will not get confused and then, it’s show time. We played our video and everyone looks impresses and interested with our work.Β 

Although, we don’t get the “champion” title but deep in our heart, we’re already champions!

Fun fact: do you see the girl wearing purple scarf and yellow top? That’s Sya.Β 

When their group is announced as the 2nd place, she literally cries auww that’s so surprising+funny+happy

All their efforts worth. Good job Sya & the group!

The girl who worked on her own for the video project and she managed to do it!

Proud of her πŸ™‚

This is us with Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr. Helmi & Mr. Fuad

Thank you to these people for showing us the right way and helping us from theΒ 

beginning of the class until the final lecture.Β 

Week 13: Pre EduTechNovation Day

Hello readers! Hye how do you feel when you see the picture of Dr. Rosseni firstly appeared for this post? hehe. Yes, that’s our lecture with her serious-not-so-serious smiling face when she’s giving comments about our videos. Hey Ajeerah, what’s up with this post’s title? Oppss sorry my bad, today is the Pre EduTechNovation Day. Wow! When Dr. told us that we’re going to have our EduTechNovation Day I was like what? what is that? Never heard of it. There are Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Labour’s Day but EdcuTechNovation Day is something new to me *writing the word into my vocabulary book.

Sooooo….. we need to present about our video (not about the draft or progression but a real video a final video!) So are you prepared? Of course, we have to be prepared. The most interesting part is each of us is given with a voting device (I’m not sure the name of the device) to vote for all videos that are going to be shown. The rating is: 1(poor)/2(not bad)/3(good)/4(excellent)

There are several videos that I voted 4 because I think the videos have good messages & one of the videos really touches my heart & I almost cried watching the video (some of us did cry). For our video, we managed to insert music and sadly there’s no narration inserted which makes our video seems a little bit flat. But, we wanted to surprise the others with our final video in next class that’s why during the Pre EduTechNovation Day, we didn’t show our complete video πŸ˜‰

Dr. Rosseni holding our poster.

Thanks to everyone in my group for creating this beautiful poster!

Our storyboard

Bananana production ❀

From left: Ajeerah (me), Farah, Yen Yen & Fatin Ameerah

2nd year TESLians rocking the Pre EduTechNovation Day yeeehaa!

*oh where’s Dr. Rosseni & other teaching assistants? :O

Week 11: Are you progressing?

Our lecturer & teaching assistants wanted to know about each group’s progression. Therefore, during the class, every group came to the front and presented about their video progression. We didn’t have so much things to share and tell to the audience because we just showed them an un-not-so-perfect-edited video. I was responsible to edit the video and the video’s speed is quite fast and I haven’t put the songs & narration into it.

Anyways, this is our slides for that day & we presented according to the slides:

& we did an interesting way in introducing the group members. We use Voki to do the talking.

So for those out there who want to try this application out, here’s the link:

It’s a fun way that you can apply especially if you want to add up some awesomeness to your presentation.

And, thanks to Mr. Helmi & Kak Ana! for giving comments and guide us on how to improve our video. Their concern are very helpful!

Week 9: Adobe Photoshop

Okay guess what we’re learning during Educational Technology this week?

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! yeayy *you can read it at the title though

Frankly speaking, I’ve never used adobe photoshop for the entire of my life time. No joking. I’m into editing photos & producing beautiful photos but I usually use online picture editing software because it’s much more easier to be used. For me, adobe photoshop is quite difficult & complicated. & I’m not a professional photographer so there’s no need for me to edit photos using adobe photoshop.

These are a few online picture editing software that I always use:

And now with bluestacks apps that can be downloaded into my computer, I found out several awesome photo editing apps. I’m presenting:

VSCO cam

Yeah that’s my baby VSCO cam, my awesome photo editing apps. It’s where the magic happens because it produces really nice pictures

Another one is snapseed which i just newly discovered about it:


Look at the name. It’s so cute πŸ™‚ It also produces great pictures.

The pictures shown show the comparison of the pictures before using snapseed and after using it.

However, photoshop offers more choices in editing photos. No wonder lots of professional photographers and editors use this software.

OMG Angelina you look flawless!

Week 8: Windows Movie Maker

That’s the simplest video editing software.

Since everyone has their own desktop, therefore it’s easy for us to apply the skills right away. For those who are still lost inn using the software, here I’ve provided the basic steps:

1. Open Windows Movie Maker or if you don’t have the software, you can download it online.

2. Import videos/photos that you want.

3. Add music (it can be songs/audio recordings) into the software.

4. Once you are done, don’t forget to save the project! or else you will regret for your whole lifetime for not clicking the save button.

Don’t thank me but zillions thanks to Mr. Helmi for helping us to use the software. What I can conclude is, after Mr. Helmi has explained about the usage & how to use the software & I can improve doing videos much more better than before this.

So, I wish all of you good luck! & have doing trying with the software to produce bombastic videos πŸ˜€

Week 5: Video Proposal

Class has been cancelled due to Raya Haji celebration. However, Mr Helmi posted on the facebook informing us that we need to submit a video proposal. My reaction was, “I never knew that there’s a thing called video proposal.” Yes, I never knew about its existence. So how are we going to do a video proposal? And after I’ve googled all the information related to video proposal, I found a website that really helps me in showing to me how to do a video proposal.

Since my group & I are not able to meet face-to-face, we decided to discuss it online & after we have done with the proposal, we sent it to Dr. Rosseni.

For me, a video proposal is needed in making a video especially for a beginner like me because with a proposal, I can see the flow of my video will be and I will not get confused with scenes that I am going to do. Besides that, with a proposal, that indicates someone to be serious with whatever he/she is working on. Well I guess that’s all from me. Bye!


Week 4: The making of a story board

This was one of the weeks that required us to be creative where we need to transform and express our ideas regarding of the video project onto a story board.Honestly, for me as a beginner, putting your ideas onto a story board is not as easy as an ABC. The lecturer together with the teaching assistants (TAs) provided us with different colours of coloured papers and plasticine, I know it might sound like we being in a kindergarten but not to judge so fast because when you see the result, your jaw might drop hihi


Who said TESL students aren’t creative? This is the proof to show to the world, when the time comes, we can be as creative as a famous painter. Opss, I forgot to mention about the duration. We were given 40 minutes to do our story board & we managed to do it until the time is up.

Imageyup, that’s me presenting our story board

Imageone of the groups presenting about their story board

Everyone seems to enjoy the activity and the lecturer & TAs were very supportive & helpful in providing a few guidelines & ideas to improve our story board. On top of all, I would love to thank Β my group members for being creative & awesome in producing a story board although all of us are beginners. *thumbs up

Week 3

We had a pre-production activity where we brainstormed and listed a few topics that are interesting. My group listed around seven topics and at the end of the activity, we managed to pick one out of seven to be the topic for our video project. Yeayy! Looking forward to it.

Can you make a guess on what topic that we will be doing for our video project?

Yup you get it right, we’ll be doing obesity vs anorexia.

show us what you got


teslian students being an artist